Road and rail users $18 billion for new road and rail projects.

Defence industries $15 billion for an east coast submarine base, an upgrade to the Henderson naval shipyard in WA and other defence projects.

Cyber spies $9.9 billion over 10 years for the Australian Signals Directorate to create 1900 jobs and expand cyber and intelligence capabilities, in a package called REDSPICE.

NDIS users Spending on the National Disability Insurance Scheme has grown $40 billion over the forward estimates and will overtake spending on defence in 2024-25.

Motorists $5.6 billion to cut fuel excise by 22¢ a litre for six months until September 28 this year to reduce the burden of global higher oil prices due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. $126,000 a year $4.1 billion for a one-off increase to the tax offset for low and middleincome earners to a maximum of $1500 for singles and $3000 for couples.

Pension, welfare recipients $1.5 billion for a one-off $250 payment for 6 million people to ease cost of living pressures. The payments will go to welfare recipients, veterans and concession cardholders in April.

Small business $1 billion over four years so small businesses can claim 120 per cent of the cost of laptops, cloud computing and other services to help them go digital. Another $550 million will cover 120 per cent of the cost of any external staff training course.

Apprentices $2.4 billion over four years for a revamped apprentice scheme.

Women $1.3 billion over six years to reduce domestic and sexual violence against women, plus $107 million over five years to promote women in leadership including $37 million for support women in trades.

Academics $2.2 billion over five years for the commercialisation of university research.

Indigenous rangers $636 million over six years to employ 1089 rangers in remote regions.

Country broadband users $480 million over six years for a million households in regional and remote areas for access to higher speed broadband.

Cystic fibrosis sufferers $475 million over four years to make the drug Trikafta available from April for people with cystic fibrosis aged 12 years and older.

WA cancer sufferers $375 million over four years to create a new cancer facility in Perth.

Parents $346 million over five years to improve the flexibility of parental leave for working parents to share as they see fit.

Tourism operators $146 million over three years to support the recovery of the tourism industry, including $76 million for travel agents and $63 million for marketing.

Farmers $100 million over the forward estimates for tax breaks on carbon credits for abatement and biodiversity stewardship, and $13 million to expand ‘‘patent box’’ rules to support farm innovation.

Koalas $53 million over five years to support the recovery and conservation of koala habitats.

Disadvantaged young people $53 million over five years for a pre-employment program to help 5000 people aged 15 to 24.

Self-funded retirees $50 million for a one-year extension of the lower rate at which they must draw down on superannuation.

Gas producers $50 million over two years to support seven priority infrastructure projects along the east coast, Northern Territory and South Australia.

Aged care workers $48.5 million over two years to subsidise 15,000 training places for new and existing sector workers.

Low emissions technology $30 million over four years for corporate tax breaks for commercialising technologies that lower emissions.

First home buyers $138 million over seven years to allow more first home buyers to find a property with a smaller deposit and without needing to pay mortgage insurance.

Start-ups Will be able to offer staff huge incentives after employee share scheme fix.